Who we are

COMTO SoCal Regional Chapter

COMTO SoCal has assumed an active role in the minority community, establishing numerous programs that energize and strengthen the communities we serve. 

COMTO SoCal has established many programs including an annual scholarship. We believe education is a core foundation for excellence in the transportation and any other field of study. Our scholarship program is committed to providing financial support to minority students to help them maximize their educational potential. We invite you to apply for our scholarship.  

COMTO creates opportunities to offer annual scholarships and mentoring initiatives for middle, high school, and college students.
— COMTO National


COMTO 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

The strategic plan presents opportunities to reach potential members and increase membership in the organization.

The opportunities stem from COMTO’s mission and vision. Each opportunity has a goal and specific strategies (below) that will be used to reach those goals. The data collected identifies areas where potential COMTO members can be reached to gain occasions for advocacy, training and development, growth and retention, and diversity and inclusion. By identifying the opportunities and working toward these goals, together we can strengthen COMTO.

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COMTO National

The Conference Of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) is the nation’s only multi-modal advocacy organization for minority professionals and businesses in the transportation industry. COMTO is in a unique position to be involved and speak on behalf of minority professionals and businesses on the cutting edge of transportation issues that are sweeping the nation.

Since its inception, COMTO has continued to evolve to become the premier organization for the training, education and professional development of minority transportation professionals. The true measure of how far COMTO has come is revealed by the talent, tenacity and accomplishments of the members who have joined forces to correct the inequities of the past and chart the direction of the future.

The founders, leaders and dedicated workers whose original vision formed the foundation of the organization would be proud of where COMTO stands today. COMTO has 40 chapters across the country and members encompassing individuals, organizations, transportation agencies, non-profits and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs); and members of COMTO serve in every sector of the transportation industry.